2 weeks notice

2 weeks notice

The landlord gave us a 2 weeks notice yesterday. So by the end of the month we have to leave the building and the delivering of the building will be in the first week of march. The new tenants move in the 15th of march.
Our garage-sale is full speed now with extra opening hours to get rid of as much stuff as we possibly can.

We made a schedule of things that need to be done. And from March the first we will be working fulltime from home again, or join the coworkers in town, looking for fast and free wifi on hotspots.
Yesterday we went for a pizza, talking over the new future plans deciding we will move things forward a bit. We will definitely leave Holland in 2015. So this is our last winter in the Netherlands.

I wrote my first column for an online Dutch magazine that invited me to write for them every 2 weeks. it will be published in the 22th of february and I’m nervous as hell.
The agency that asked me to write some articles for them responded quite positive so I might have some projects to work on in the near future. That will keep me busy.

It has been a crazy one and a half year, taking on such a daring project as setting up a co-working space and running it 5-6 days a week. I’m so tired. Now the end is near I only feel how much energy it took. My brother wrote me and stated: it must feel like you’ve run 20 marathons the last year. And although I only can imagine how it feels to run a marathon I must agree with him. It’s draining to start up such a huge project and running it. Specially in these economically bare times where everybody is saving on pennies.

Only 2 more weeks. Yes I can imagine how it must be for a marathon runner to see the finish line. Hear the crowd cheering and at the same time feeling your legs grow massively heavy under those last few meters, while your brain keeps signaling: come on, go on, come on go on…..
I’m almost there. And when I finish I will be on the threshold of even a bigger and more daring project.
Never a dull moment when I’m around.

I sometimes have the awareness that I haven’t thought it thru long enough. And the feeling of confidence about this decision varies from day to day, and sometimes even from hour to hour. Yes, I do want to go. But because I’m not sure of what lies ahead of me, there is also doubt and sometimes even plain fear as to what I’m about to do.

The word ‘anticipation’ has gotten a whole new meaning to it. It includes everything from joy, hope, fear and chickenshit scared, eagerness, expectation and dreams.

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