5 Good Reasons why not to become a Digital Nomad

5 Good Reasons why not to become a Digital Nomad

It is easy to sum up lots of reasons why to become a digital nomad, freedom of location and being able to travel and follow your heart as the top reasons, but there are also good reasons why not to become one. Let’s look into those in today’s blog, shall we?

1. You will always be a stranger

Life on the road can be pretty lonely, specially if you’re not the social type. Chatting to strangers for the rest of your live can become bothersome. In every city you land, you need to start over again. And friendships will wither over time. You are always the ‘new guy in town’.

For me this only has advantages, I’m a sociable person but I do not get attached to people easily, so saying goodbye, to me,  is just a matter of packing my things and leave. Making new contacts comes naturally to me, just by being friendly and open-minded. I talk to the local grocery store owner, the owner of the vegetable shop, location owners, waitresses etc. There is never a dull moment unless I want it to be dull. But there are lots of digital nomads that experience loneliness. Working and living in different time zones from people back home, clients and new friends makes it hard to keep good contacts.

Single nomads find it hard to find relationships, unless you find your soul mate in another nomad, it might be difficult to combine love and remote working. How to explain to your love you prefer the horizon over being with her?

Are you having problems socializing? Do you need close contact with friends and family to be happy? Reconsider your decision to become a nomad.

whats in my backpack

2. Living out of a suitcase takes a certain state of mind

To carry your own walk-in closet with you, takes a certain attitude. You have only a few sets of clothes and you do not follow the latest fashion trends. Your shoe fetish if you have one, should stay in your old life. There is simply no room in your new life for more than 20 something kilo of luggage.

It can become tiresome to come across an airport every month or so. Some digital nomads get tired of deciding where to go, they experience a serious travel burnout due to time difference, packing and unpacking and an overkill of new impressions every day of the week.

It might make a difference to stay in a place for a longer time. I for myself never plan my next stop. I will go to the Philippines in september, and I’ll take it from there, I might stay in the Philippines for a longer period before traveling on. There is a wish-list and depending my budget, visa and fun factor I will make plans to move on.

Do you feel the urge to plan always up front and fear the unexpected? Are you someone who follows fashion trends and will be unhappy not doing so? Do not become a digital nomad.

3. Digital Nomads need to bend rules a bit

No country will allow you to work on a tourist visa. So making your income online is considered an illegal act when entering the country on a tourist visa. Digital Nomads work in a somewhat grey area within visa regulations. No one will check,  you just need to proof you own sufficient means to support yourself and your way out of a country.  You should not  speak your ways of income, specially not to immigrations. Some countries allow you to apply for a work permit while visiting, but mostly that acquires proof of a job within the country itself. So you need to leave certain things unspoken and in the middle.

If you have trouble hiding your source of income while traveling? Are you honest to the bone and convinced avoiding the truth is the same as lying? Do not become a digital nomad.

focus for digital nomads

4. Working location independent is all about focus and concentration

The place I’m writing this blog has loud music and the waitress behind the counter makes lots of noise with cups and cutlery. The table next to me seats a screaming child that needs to be fed. Sometimes it is difficult to stay concentrated and meet your deadlines.

Working from a tropical location must be even worse, the tempting beaches around the corner and the heat will make it difficult to work concentrated and be disciplined for a few hours a day. It will be nicer to give in to the endless holiday feeling. Digital nomads need discipline and focus before they can give in to fun.

If you are having problems with self-discipline or concentration, do not start a digital nomad lifestyle. It will be very hard for you to work every day and meet deadlines, and not spent your entire day at the beach or hanging around.

5. The uncertainty of steady income can be plain scary

Never knowing how much you will earn, whether you can pay for your hotel room or not, can be very oppressive. Unless you have some sort of steady income already, you will spent a lot of time searching for freelance jobs. Can you live and enjoy your days facing the fact that you might not earn enough and consume your savings while proposing all day on projects? Hearing the landlord knock on your door every week for the rent?

It is for that reason I recommend digital nomads to start their business before leaving.
Try to get some sort of steady income every month, decrease your economical footprint and practice a simplified life, before crossing any borders and giving up all security.

If you do have problems with facing the fact that you might be broke and live from scratch? if you doubt about getting a job because you have no expertise whatsoever? Do not start a digital nomad life.


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6 thoughts on “5 Good Reasons why not to become a Digital Nomad

  1. You hit the nail on the head, great post. And it’s a little ironic for me that I found your blog –I was about to move *to* the Netherlands before I met my wife while traveling.

    I agree about the point regarding the legality of being a digital nomad as well. I hope you don’t mind I share this with your readers, but I tackled this topic when I was in Thailand over at my blog. There were a few raids, and the fine line between illegal worker and digital nomad received a lot of attention.

    Simply put; if you don’t earn money in the country you’re in, import/export goods illegally, or hire people directly (use Upwork instead, if you must) –then most countries, including Thailand, don’t seem to mind.

    You can find the post I wrote here: hobowithalaptop.com/is-it-legal-to-be-a-digital-nomad-333

  2. I can handle the shady part, but I wrote a new article about giving up on the digital nomad thing because It hink we have overdone it. Every backpacking kid with a laptop and a Skype connection home calls himself a digital nomad nowadays. And the hubs where ‘they flock’ show that corporate thinking is carved in our system so much that many of them can not make it on their own. 🙂 Thank you for reading and commenting. 😉

  3. I totally agree –way, way over-hyped nowadays. And that whole coworking thing; you’d think many would leave the hive mind behind! Personally, I love being a loner. Didn’t leave home just to join a clique abroad, that’s for sure.

    Keep it up and stay safe.


  4. Hi Mike, thanks for commenting and agreeing with me, in that case you might also like my post on why I do not want to be a digital nomad anymore. Love the term: hive mind……. 😉