A motorcycle ride through the rain in the Philippines

A motorcycle ride through the rain in the Philippines

It is rain season in the Philippines, and sunny days sometimes change in rainy days. And when I say rain, I mean rain. Like raining cats and dogs, pouring, a gray fog of water between you and the rest of the world. Streets turn into rivers and big potholes are emerging, landslides, mud roads, you name it, during rain season it all occurs.

Sometimes you are on a road trip, like I was the other day, when lovely weather turns into horrendous driving conditions. The habagat blowing fiercely trying to get you off balance and rain coming down like a flood.

It is better to seek shelter

There are these little gazebos everywhere. People use them to sit, watch the world (and time) pass by. They are used for social gatherings and gossip, for sharing and bonding, for drinking and for sheltering from the rain.

Everywhere you go, even in the most remote areas, as soon as there is a house, there is a gazebo of some sort. And you are free to use it to shelter from the rain.

Roads in the Philippines are tricky when it rains. All of a sudden you are next to a landslide, rocks fall down and even coconuts. But the aquaplaning (hydroplaning) of the roads is non existing. Slippery asphalt or gravel rock bottom, or even the concrete roads they build everywhere now, hold on to water. There is a film of water over the road that makes driving a motorcycle tricky. Specially in a country where you have to brake suddenly for dog crossing the road coming out of nowhere, chickens running around and about and vehicles overtaking where overtaking is not possible.

I filmed on one of those days that sunshine was switched to rain by the gods in a flash. See for yourself how the road looks and get the feel of driving a mountain road during rain.

Sometimes it is better to get your feet up!

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