A new Rental in the Philippines

A new Rental in the Philippines

I have been living in a seafront cottage for quit a while now. And for me it was time to move. With summer on the doorstep and more and more tourist coming to San Juan, the place I was staying did not offer the quietness and privacy I need. So time to look around for another house.

Finding yourself a(nother) rental in the Philippines is merely a matter of roaming around and calling people. Asking tricycle drivers and people you know that might know…..etc.
There are several articles about my house-hunt on the Philippines on this blog, as there are videos on my YouTube Channel, just browse around a bit.

So Oda, my boyfriend and I drove around in search of a new place. Of course lots of aunts of him are renting out houses, but I wanted something way away from the tourism strip. To me it always seem that when you mention you want to rent a house in the Philippines, everyone is willing to move into a cardboard box to rent out their house. Specially family. I guess renting out to a foreigner is the easiest way to make money.

For me, being HSP (high sensitive Person) I need a quiet place, I need some sort of design or decoration so it is a comfy place and I need some features like an inside bathroom and preferably a hot shower. A fridge and a garden are a plus as well as is a fenced and gated area. I know…that all comes with a price.

You can rent in the Philippines for any amount of money, I know people that rent for 1500 pesos, but they live in a kind of nipa hut and share the bathroom with the barangay, I know people that pay over 20K pesos that have sea views and CCTV cameras all over the place. I need something halfway both living conditions.

And I found it.

It is a lovely place, rural area. My next door neighbour is a cow, there is one other house on the lot and they are building 2 apartments for future rent. But this house caught my eye. It is in the back of the lot, with a view on Negros and Dumaguete from my kitchen window, it has a nipa roof and lots and lots of windows that can create a breeze in the house, it has an oven, a ceiling fan and a hot shower.
Well, take a look for yourself:

I pay 15K pesos per month incl. internet (279 euros)
Electricity so far I paid 948 pesos per month (I do not use the air-con) (17 euro)
Water 150 pesos (3 euro)

It is 1 kilometer to the main road and 5 minutes by motorbike to the nearest public market and supermarket.
There is a lovely white beach at 1 kilometer distance, just 15 minutes walk.

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  1. Hi JC
    Are you still around the Philippines?
    Interesting, after 43yrs since we left the Philippines for the US, I came back for a visit. How do you like the warm weather? I had a very rough time adjusting to it.

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