Who is JC from Holland?

Who is JC from Holland?

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At the age of 54, I changed my life drastically: I sold everything I owned and left all behind.
Living more for myself and less for others.
But that does not mean I do not care anymore. Maybe, after reaching out to myself, I can even care more for others.
I lived the life of a nomad for over a year before I fell in love with the Island of Siquijor and my boyfriend, Now I live a life of an Island-woman, minimalistic and basic, happy with small things in life and sand between my toes and the beautiful mountain-views from my house.
I’m getting to know my true self more and more every day, some parts I like, others I like less, I’m a work in progress.

My name is JC, I’m from Holland. #secondchapter

Travelling to the horizon and beyond just to rest my weary feet on the Island of Siquijor

I’m a professional blogger and an enthusiastic photographer. All articles on this blog are mine unless stated otherwise, same with the photos.

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I take you along through my life and love. And more symbolic: to a new lifestyle, a new blog that needs to grow and become successful. And you can travel with me and benefit of my knowledge and experiences.

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About my nomadic life

Even before the term ‘Digital Nomad’ was invented or the internet existed, I already did this kind of thing in South America. Although there wasn’t much digital about that trip, since those were the days snail-mail ruled the world.

I left the Netherlands when I was 17 in 1978 and returned 2.5 years later. I traveled the UK, Azores, Caribbean and Latin America, through the Panama Canal and way down South through the Magellan Straight, all the way up again to Brazil and Barbados.

After returning home, I visited lots of places in Europe and North Africa. But always with a home address to return to.

The second half of my life is spent differently from all other years

Now there is no home to return to. My home is where my feet rest and where I park my Yamaha SZ150, and where the internet is at my fingertips.

I’m an active contributor to Tripadvisor

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Expat in the Philippines

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