Affordable Photography for Bloggers

Affordable Photography for Bloggers

Running a blog or a small business website might be a time consuming thing to due, specially when you do not have a huge stock of photos available.

Did you know that:

  • Taking random pictures form the internet may cause a Google ban since it is prohibited?
  • Using stockphotos is no longer a feature but a drag?
  • Using stockphotos will make your website, Facebook page or blog look generic instead of unique?
  • there are website that offer royalty free photos
  • there are photographers and designers that offer unique material for a small price?

I have been a blogger for ever since blogging was invented. So I know what I;m talking about when I tell you that the search for a right photo can take up too much time.

Having a photographer that you know, that sells photos for a small price and even works for you when you give a subject you need to be captured for your blog or website, business or Facebook page is almost a must.

If you want to make your website look unique, have content that is Google friendly and does not give you an SEO downer because of stolen content or images, you might want to look at the Leaving Holland Photography shop on Creative Market.

For a small amount of money I sell my travel pictures there that come from all over Europe and Asia and sometimes even North Africa. And there are plenty of subject that I cover.

I love nautical themes, food, beach, graveyards and even technical details in old factories and oxidated stuff.

But also nature, people and streetview are part of my photography.

With a keen I on line of sight, architecture and culture I take pictures with blogging in mind.
All pictures come in the right resolution for a blog or website, and in a large seize.

Just look at the products dimensions before deciding.

Here is just an impression of the photography Leaving Holland Photography has to offer.
There are over 200 products in the shop and more uploaded weekly.

Nothing there of your liking? Do contact me for private projects!



Buy now at Leaving Holland photography on Creative Market

Buy now at Leaving Holland Photography

Buy now at Leaving Holland Photography

For sale at Leaving Holland Photography

For sale at Leaving Holland Photography

For sale at Leaving Holland Photography

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