August a month of chances

August a month of chances

Since I’m single and free to travel again, the world is mine to explore. So lets plan some trips and move to another house, away from the memories of my broken relationship.

I found myself a place near the sea again. So today I leave the mountains and the minty green cottage to move away from all the memories of a broken relationship. Packing and sorting through all the items I bought to start a new life was harsh. It left me with an uneasy feeling yesterday. But this morning I woke up and it feels good to be able to move out.

A friend is coming over to help, for man, I collect a lot of stuff.
With the new plans coming up I have to minimize my belongings so they fit in 2 bags only.

Want to see and hear for yourself? Watch the video and learn all about my new plans, my luggage size and my future.

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