Best place to stay in Roxas, Mindoro, Philippines

Best place to stay in Roxas, Mindoro, Philippines

When you take the ferry to or from Caticlan, arrival time or departure time can be on awkward hours. And sometimes you need a hotel to stay overnight or only for a few hours.

There is a lot of rooms available in Roxas port and most hotels rent out rooms per hour as well, but the rate is expensive. You easily pay up to 2500 pesos for a no wifi, not clean, sober hotel room, with shared bathroom.
The cheapest I found was 700 pesos for 3 hours, but the place was so run down and filthy with roaches that I was afraid to leave my luggage there.

In 2017 I arrived in Roxas at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. With heavy rainclouds up ahead, so I decided I wanted to stay for the night.

When you disembark, follow the highway, the first little road on the right has some resorts and hotels

Prices vary from 1500 per night up till as much as 3500 pesos per night. Most of those resorts are party venues that also rent out cottages. The first one to enter had no internet, my own pocketwifi neither. Dead spot.
The next one I stopped had a karaoke party going on and I could not even hear myself think over the sound of Philippines got Talent star shouting out her vocal chords there.

The next stop I passed by unnoticed when entering the street, a small hotel right next to the bakery . it has a nice red and white terrace roof that almost looks French.

1500 pesos (apr. 25 euro) for a clean, comfortable room. Some rooms are small, no windows, and the shower can be a bit tiny. But for a night, or a few hours this hotel is superb.
It is definitely refurbished, new air cons installed and things like that,

The beds here are so comfortable, the best so far!

The negative part is that it is right next to the busy road and the port area is a very noisy place.
Karaoke going on till late after midnight. The port area is almost a 24 hours economy. After 1 o’clock it gets more quiet, but it all starts up the moment a ferry docks or departs.

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During my stay the rain muffled the port sounds a lot and I did sleep very well because of the comfortable beds.

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Breakfast is included in the price, so are amenities

Extra nice features that may count for you, as they did for me:

  • breakfast is served in the little shop next door, or outside on the veranda. A very good breakfast I must say.
  • the hotel offers free wifi with very fast internet
  • best matrasses and pillows I have slept on in a long time
  • friendly staff
  • nice tasteful decorated rooms
  • there is a complimentary bottle of water in the room

I would say, despite of the noisy surroundings, the Port Hotel in Roxas Port is a good place to stay overnight.
The clean rooms, good beds, nice hot shower  and friendly staff make up for the port noise.


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