Bloggers and the Art of Storytelling

Bloggers and the Art of Storytelling

Every article published, every blog post uploaded, is a story told. As a blogger you are also a story teller. And the better you tell a story the more followers you will get.

Storytelling is part of life. Everybody has a story to tell. Your great grandparents, grandparents and parents and even your children tell stories. Memories, family anecdotes, daily life in the past and present.
As a blogger you should master the art of capturing the spoken word and put it into writing.

Are you that blogger that can write from the heart?

My daily life mostly exist about listening and observing other people. Living in a country where I do not understand most of the spoken language I feel kind of paralysed. Stories do not come easy here. But they still do.
Just by sitting on the beach and watching life passing me by I can write stories.

Going into the mountains with the camera I capture moments that tell stories. When I take pictures of people I capture history, laughter, wrinkles and eyes. In in every meeting lies a story. 
It is up to me to tell it, to the world since they do not, they only share it in their own purok (neighbourhood).

It is a soul connection that you make with people when you sit down and meet them. You can look into their eyes, lives and by shaking hands stories are past on. Specially for me as an empath. Sometimes I know half a life just by sitting next to a person. And when that person gladly shares the other half my story is complete. I can write it and paint a picture to the world that is eager to read it.

storytellingAre you that blogger that can paint an image with words?

For the tourism platform I’m voluntarily involved in right now we are thinking up a new way of showing island life to the tourist. And it was my idea to have storytellers among the local people, that will gladly share anecdotes, family history and even historical facts about houses and daily life in the barangay. For me those stories come natural, but I do realise that they do not for everybody. Telling stories can make you vulnerable. You open up a private space that people can bully you around in, by crossing boundaries in politeness and courtesy.

Also for those listening, the stories make them vulnerable, Sitting down, making time to listen, committing yourself and submitting yourself to a story can take you right out of your comfort zone. Because you start to build a connection with the storyteller himself. And the story might be able to stir up emotions.
it is up to the story teller to be sensitive about that.

Are you a storyteller?

Bloggers are storytellers, no doubt about that, but you have some damn good ones and damn horrible ones. Although everybody has a story to tell, not everybody is a storyteller.
You need certain abilities te pass on a story.

  • You must be able to mesmerize the audience
  • You must be able to catch their attention with a first opening line
  • You must be able to inspire
  • Share the opportunity to think
  • And those thoughts should move a person emotionally
  • You must be able to pass on knowledge
  • You must be authentic
  • You must have the talent to transmuting a story into something necessary and natural in ways others cannot

People should be willing to gather around you, eager to hear your story. The art of storytelling is vastly diminishing in this digital oriented world. We all rush about, chasing pokemons, office hours and deadlines, storytellers challenge us to step away from all that and sit down. The cast a spell upon us that takes us away from here and now and make us travel on the spoken words. the words of a story teller should seep into our blood and veins of our being. That is the bottom line of story telling.

art of story tellingIs storytelling a gift or a skill we can master?

Storytellers have been entertaining us for centuries. They keep the whispering voices from the past alive and create history out every day moments.

Maybe it is both a gift and a skill. A skilled gift, or a gifted skill. the magic of story telling is one of universal messages. The stories are made out of a pureness that comes from a good heart.
Every storyteller shares his experience, and at the same time also part of your experience and all other listeners.

The art of speaking from the heart is an art everybody loves to master. it makes a story powerful, going beyond just the facts, it gives the story that personal touch that it needs to vibrate. Stories well told are stories that start with the question: how do you feel? And in the answer to that question lies the magic of a good story told. It creates meaningful connections, takes away borders and makes cultural differences diminish.

Literary freedom and Storytelling

Some blogger stick to the facts. I’m not such a blogger. I go beyond facts and combine them with matters from the heart. Confusing at times, but it gives me the ability to catch my thoughts, the emotions of others in words, to paint images with words for you all to see. And I hope that in those paintings I show not only the rough edges of life, but also the beauty of it.

For I’m a realistic storyteller. I do believe in happy endings, but I also realise that sometimes things end in a way we never could have foreseen. Now can a storyteller bend the truth a little?
Yes he can en can make any twist turn onto a right direction, paint a sunset evening with a blissful ending that moves every listener to tears.

That is the power of storytelling.

What kind of storyteller are you?
One that stick to the facts of one that writes from the heart?
One that works his way towards a happy ending no matter what, or a more realistic one that writes about the confusing state of living within every day beauty.

I would love to hear from you in the comment section.

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