Buying Meat in the Philippines

Buying Meat in the Philippines

Every Saturday and Sunday I buy fresh pork in San Juan ‘from the table’. Sometimes I find myself in sweet memories of the pre-packed fresh recognisable meat I bought in the Netherlands. Here it is a whole pig, on the table, or 2 halves and the butcher just chops is in pieces with little respect for any special part of the meat. Pork chops and the belly are usually primary focus areas, but the rest…..just bits and pieces.

meat, meat shop, Philippines, butcher, pork, pricesSo you have to be in time, to point out the parts you want, and you have to have some knowledge of the tender parts of the pig is you want some good meat.

Going to an official meat shop is not much different, although a good meat shop will save the tenderloin and also offer back-ribs, for the rest is is just random chopped meat with bone splinters everywhere.

I was early, and I made you guys a One Minute Video, take a look:

This pig came from a slaughter house and was checked first. So it is safe to buy. Sometimes you get an invitation from the neighbours that they killed a pig, I’m not to keen on buying that meat since it is not checked on diseases. Although my boyfriend says it is very okey to buy.

The price at the table this Saturday was 170 pesos per kilo (3.23 euro)



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2 thoughts on “Buying Meat in the Philippines

  1. The islamitic butchers are doning the same thing up here.
    On the market are the chickens butchered the same way.

    People up her want to be sure everybody gets the same amount, meat or bones.
    Some of them even prefer the Bony parts.


    Kind regards,

  2. I don’t think here it is about equal meat and bones, it is just a kilo, and you have to be so wise to select more meat and less bones, But there are also people that like more bones, and there are even dishes that require bones.

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