Can you live in the Philippines on 750 euro a month?

Can you live in the Philippines on 750 euro a month?

It is a questions that pops up often in my mailbox: How much money do I need to live int he Philippines. And my answer is always the same: It depends on your lifestyle. It is not up to me to answer with a specific amount that one needs to live here. It depends on what you  need to be happy and how you want to live your tropical life.
It depends on habits as well, smoking, luxurious dinners and evenings out in town. Traveling a lot with public transport or your own. Do you support a family or not?

Actually it is a bit hard to tell how much money YOU need

But I can share what I use per month and on what I spent it.
There is a special category for it on the website that tells you about my spendings per month, recent price raises and visa costs.

In the podcast I talk about my budget, and I share how I live a happy life in the Philippines on a 750 euro budget or 950 US$ budget and I can even put some money aside for a rainy day.


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