Canyon Woods Resort, Lake Taal

Canyon Woods Resort, Lake Taal

We expected an upscale resort. The pictures on Agoda showed luxury to the max. What we found was a good hotel. Nothing more, nothing less.

The rooms are spacious and offer a side way view on Lake Taal, the beds are comfortable and the bathroom is very good.
The shower was not as hot as I hoped for, for during our stay it was very cold. The hot water runs out quickly.

Bathrobes and those funny hotel slippers were provided as well

But, the hotel is also used by groups of children and young adults, that make it into a dorm. Shouting in the corridors, slamming with doors, running around, it is a very, very noisy hotel.

For an upscale presented golf resort at Lake Taal for me that was a deal breaker. I probably could have find myself a nicer place for less money.

There is no wifi in the rooms only in the very cold an danonimous entrance area which has no direct daylight and makes it a gloomy place.
The country club that has a dress code was deserted and we were the only guest eating there. Food was nog fresh and deep frozen, we could hear the microwave ‘ping’ after we ordered.

I had seafood pasta and the shrimps could have done great in a ping-pong match. The burgers are served on sweetened buns.
The chicken Tinola was tasteful but contained a lot of cheap chicken meat.
Overall not such a fancy place at all.

A lot of empty buildings and grounds

Nice beds, coffee and tea facilities in the rooms, but I rather had wifi in the room.
The building is out of reach of any interception of internet, there is a very weak Smart signal.

Lake Taal is a nice place, when you are way high up, the lower you get, the more you get to see the polluted shores and the poverty. The rich and the tourists live high up the mountain range.
That is exactly where you find Canyon Woods, among many many other hotels.

Would I visit canyon Woods again? Probably not, the price and the amount hotels offered in that area will probably lead me to a hotel that does offer wifi in the rooms and the absence of so many young adults using the hotel as an average student dorm.

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