Capitaneus, Atimonan, Luzon Island

Capitaneus, Atimonan, Luzon Island

What started out as a nice stay turned into a noisy experience after a few hours.
Along the highway just outside Atimonan you find Capitaneus Resort. A Filipino operated resort that also offers day tourism for walkin guests.

That usually means there is a lot of loud music and people.

The pool which was clear before the guests arrived was not so clear anymore afterwards. There was a lot of screaming and loud music and that continued till two at midnight.

They started at 6 in the morning again with banging of hotel doors and shouting.

Now I know the hotel owner cannot help that, it is the guests that make the noise. But hotel owners can set rules about pool hours and quiet time, and Capitaneus had none.

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The rooms were very clean and okey, very tiny though. The price was rather high for the simplicity of the rooms and bathroom.

Free breakfast was served, you needed to fill out a coupon and check the boxes next to the food you wanted to eat.

When there are only 2 guests, as we were at the first night, that is kind of hilarious. But they serve nice food. The menu has a lot of variety and the food is prepared very well and affordable.

The resort is next to a busy road and traffic noise goes on day and night

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Good place to crash if you cannot find anything else or if you are a Filipino doing a weekend of family bonding.
If you are a traveller on the road looking for a good nights rest, I would not recommend this place.

Free wifi available, only in the open restaurant area. Not suitable for many users.

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