Christina Resort, White Beach, Puerto Galera

Christina Resort, White Beach, Puerto Galera

Upon arrival in White beach we went immediately to Christina Resort in San Isidro (White Beach) A newly build apartment building right in front of the elementary school.

When arriving in White Beach from Puerto Galera you take the first street on the left, just behind the tricycle terminal, drive up that little road until you reach the first building with a pool and a mural of Swiss mountains and snow.

Although newly build, the apartment complex is already deteriorating. The half finished apartments breath the possibility of luxury. Wlle chosen colors, windows and shades make it all just right at first glance.

After staying there for a few days you start to see the shortcomings: slippery always wet staircases during rain season, greenish plaque due to lack of maintenance, and very noisy.

Being right in front of the school where the basketball court is used for community purposes and rented out for parties this place is not a quiet place. The school principal tries to motivate the school kids every morning with a shouting session through the microphone and weekly announcements fly right into your apartment, specially when you rent on the top floor.

Some apartments have no windows to close since they are not finished, yet rented out for 2,500 pesos per night. Monthly rent is 15k

That includes water and weekly clean bedsheets and towel. No cleaning. There are no kitchen supplies and some apartments do not even have a stove or any ability to prepare food. Electricity is the total sum divided by the amount of apartments. No receipt, you just have to believe the caretaker for her word.

The caretaker is awfully customer unfriendly. Shouting at her few clients and always complaining and making up excuses why things are not clean, like the pool for example which was a slushy kind of green for 4 weeks when we stayed there. Upon arrival of the owner things changed. The pool was cleaned and maintenance to the grounds were done. But only as far as the owner could see. The promised missing mirror in the bathroom never arrived, neither did the storage place for the bathroom or any wall hooks or things to put your towel and toiletries.

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Shelves for kitchen cabinets were missing and outside furniture would be there, or not, all in favor of the care taker that would move things around unexpectedly. So one day you had a table and chairs outside, next day that could be gone.

The barking dogs from the owner complete the negativity that runs that place, combined with the smell of monkey pee of the poor monkey on a chain living next to the new apartment building

For the rest a nice place, good hot shower, modern air con unit and screens on all windows.

When available White Beach has 4G internet which is pretty fast, but not reliable, The apartments do not have internet. You have to get your own.

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