CitiHotel, Hilongos Leyte

CitiHotel, Hilongos Leyte

Whoever thought of it as a good idea the build a hotel on top of a gas station
must have been drunk or something.

Maybe it works for the owner, but for his guests absolutely not. The whole night motorbikes without muffler pass by, the gas station is a hangout for youngster from the town and it is noisy as hell.

Combine that with the endless base and drunk karaoke singing from the rooftop (karaoke)bar right above what they call the luxury rooms and you have a hotel from hell.

The rooms are spacious and very nice, but that is all positive that is to say about this hotel

The wifi works splendid, but there is no internet for the biggest part of the day. Nothing to zero. Rooftop bar guests hang outside the building shouting and talking and keeping guests awake. The hotel owner could have saved himself a lot of money on the front facade, he might as well left it out for it sounds like there is nothing between you the busy main road and gasstation and the visitors from the rooftop bar.

So for the price of 2,250 pesos for the cheapest room per night, they are pretty expensive. And not so exclusive as that make you believe on Agoda. Breakfast is not included, neither is complimentary water.
The hotel has no parking space but a night guard. I wonder what his job is, certainly not asking departing guests to be quiet.

Very confusing check-in, the unfriendly receptionist has no clue of the rooms and bookings

Staff tends to shout at each other in the hallways, instead of addressing each other nicely and their training certainly was more on a business model than hospitality.

Amenities are plenty, but from the sari sari store next door, every minibar has a different content: Mine had a large bottle of red horse and 8 waters and 2 small C2. The other room had 4 cans of coke 4 water and crisps.
Yeah that is right: crisps in the minibar.

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The shower has great waterpower, and you get lots of fluffy white towels. But there is something wrong with the hot and cold adjustment, it is either steaming hot or lukewarm. Even after ‘repairing’ it there was no change, it only got hotter.

The bed is good and kingsize, but there is a single persons bed cover. Not much when the two of you want to hide from the air con draft which is situated right over the bed.

The downstairs restaurant is good, but their menu is so overdone in writing that you wonder how a simple dish like humba can have such poetic writings, to name one. The staff is not very attentive, kindof walks around bored to hell and is very introvert, to say the least.
Their ‘best shakes you ever tasted’ are made with flavored powder.

To them humba and adobo are the same dish so they told us when we wanted to order

But they do have a good cook. The humba and lechon kawali are great, well prepared, the steamed rice average quality.
The American hamburger is nice and tasty, the fries too greasy but the mayonaise is superb.

I had the ‘energy booster’ for breakfast, scrambled egg with bacon and tiny bits of (raw) green bell pepper and a cup of steamed rice for 125 pesos.

The prices in the restaurant are average, in this case a good quality/price balance

The rooms would be much of my liking, the luxurious bathroom also, if not for that gasstation and loud open air karaoke bar on the rooftop with chairs scratching over the stone floor tiles to keep you awake till deep in the night.

And like I said, after closing hours visitors linger in front of the building, being their noisy self and keeping you awake till the early morning. It gets quiet around 2 o’clock in the night when it comes to guest, traffic is an ongoing story.

Will I return to CitiHotel Hilongos? What do you think? No way. Really, never ever again. The unwilling, unfriendly and introvert staff does not know their own products and has no knowledge of hospitality. The cook makes good food, but housekeeping can do a much better job. I wonder how long that cotton-tip from the previous guest is going to be in plain sight on the bathroom floor. In my case it survived two cleaning sessions. Same for the soap remains in the shower.

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