Cockroaches in my Hotel Room

Cockroaches in my Hotel Room

When I opened the door of my room of the Go Hotels in Bacolod, he came running up to me like he was a pet and I was his favourite boss. So happy to see me, his legs sliding over the tiled floor. I felt a gust of panic in my belly, pulled my keycard out it’s socket and jammed the door tight shut!

Did I really see that?

Slowly I opened the door again, lights on, and there it was, on the other side of the room staring at my luggage: The largest cockroach I had seen up till today. It was at least 7 centimeters long.

It was not the first roach to encounter in a hotel room, actually my first one to freak me out, was 3 centimeters and that was in Puerto Galera. I know bugs are part of the deal. But somehow in the third floor of a city hotel I did not expect one….or actually 2.
My travel companion found one the other day in his room next to mine. And staring together at this fellow we decided that this was the bloody limit.
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Go Hotels concept

On the website of Go Hotels (Who are we) you read the following:

Affordable without sacrificing quality service and accommodation, this is what Go Hotels offers to its guests. Being an essential service hotel, Go Hotels lets you pay only for the basic things you need when staying in a hotel. Other services can be availed through add-ons, ensuring a complete and convenient travel experience. Operating on the “book early, pay less” concept, our variably-priced room rates reward those who plan and book early. The growing portfolio of Go Hotels is a testament to the emergence and growing number of smart travelers.

Their concept: you pay only 888 pesos per room per night (those prices have been raised edit 2018). And that is very cheap for what they offer, or so it seems comparing them to other hotels.

Nice mattresses and pillows, silent and powerful air-con in the GOHotels Bacolod, good water pressure and a rain shower. Although that doesn’t work properly because of all the chalk that has been collected there over the months.

But when I discovered hairs of the previous guests in my bathroom and room floor…..……or dust flakes circling around in the corners when I turned on the air-con…….mould in the bathroom and enormous chalk stains everywhere, towels that do not smell fresh?

Right, let’s not get fuzzy on details. That all can happen, after all: the price……..

And an occasional cockroach can happen also. After all they can fly, windows and doors open, or they can hitchhike along with luggage or even clothing. And I am living in a country where they are part of daily life.

Walking through Bacolod I’ve seen more roaches in an hour than I have in my entire stay in the Philippines so far. They crawl out of the sewer, the walk on the sidewalk, and I even saw somebody sweeping his house and just sweeping out ten or maybe 20 roaches in all sizes, but mostly big ones. I even saw them in the supermarket. Yuck!

dead roachRoaches you can’t live with them, but can we live without them?

I think every human being born and raised in the western world shudders when he sees a roach. And seeing one fills us with fear of dirty houses, plagues and the creatures crawling over us while we sleep. So we tent to destroy them, although that seems almost impossible. We buy spray, fumigate our homes and wish them all dead. But what if that wish was granted some day? How would the earth look without any of the 5,000 to10,000 different kinds of roaches that exist?

In a world without roaches, many small animals and birds would probably have to change their diet, and the nitrogen cycle, very important to us all will be disturbed.
Cockroaches eat decaying food and in their poop they release nitrogen that goes in the soil to feed the plants. Nitrogen is very important for our forests. And without this nitrogen, or in other words: without roach poop, forests will lose their health and with it all that lives in them.

Well, facing that giant roach, that will probably produce a lot of roach shit to safe the forrest, I can only think of pesticides and massive destruction!
But not by me, by the GoHotel housekeeping.

Back to Go Hotels and the roaches

Shutting my door, I rush of to the front desk and they simply say: we’ll get someone with insecticide to kill it for you. And that is the moment I loose it. That rooms needs to be cleaned, not sprayed with insecticide!

I want an other hotel!
And my travel companion is already checking the world wide web for nearby places to stay. The hotel manager keeps apologising, yet still nobody is moving upstairs to kill the thing that was last seen staring at my luggage.
The manager promises us other rooms, they will start cleaning them now so they will be spick and span(??) I ask him: should not all your rooms be clean?

He apologised again and again.

I tell him I do not do roaches in rooms where I have to sleep. And that he has an obligation to his guests to keep the rooms clean and roach free. And that my room is neither.
And he keeps apologising.
And still nobody is going upstairs to kill the intruder that probably was living under my bed already last night.

I tell the manager I want an other hotel, and I want him to call hotels for me to check if there are 2 rooms available with king size beds and bug free rooms. And my travel companion is urging someone to go upstairs with him to get our luggage.
The hotel manager starts calling hotels telling me he doesn’t do refunds, and I tell him again I do not do roaches. (And God knows what more I have been sleeping in, thinking of the dust and dirt)

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Hotel standards in the Philippines

After having done some research on hotel standards in the Philippines and hygiene protocols, inspections etc. I found that also the Philippines have strict policies conducted by the Bureau of Tourism according to rating of hotels and cleanness, vermin control etc.
Due to the National Accommodation Standards of the Bureau of Tourism the GoHotel Bacolod would be considered as ‘unacceptable’ as it comes to cleanness of the rooms and bathrooms.

Hotels all over the world have standards and policies regarding hospitality, rates, cleanness, hygiene etc.

I do wonder if inspectors in the Philippines do come around often enough to check. But nevertheless it is my believe that a hotel owner should be proud of having clean rooms and vermin free accommodation for his guests.
Otherwise: Why should you be in hotel business where hospitality rules reign?

Needless to say that Go Hotels offers no complaint-option on the website and no refund policy, terms of services only deal with website matters.

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