Conquistador: Fighting Windmills

Conquistador: Fighting Windmills

While listening to my ‘bass-playlist’ over and over again to block the German news voice from my next door neighbour, I write you this note, wondering why on earth people watch the news, at 6.30 on the front porch without a headphone.

I guess he has to put up now with Juno Reactor, sorry man I just love their “Master of the Universe” number and I have every version of it, even the Basement remix… your heart out with your noisy and smoking morning rituals.

So….Conquistador……Conqueror…… in Victory, porque yo habla Español

I conquered drinking Coca Cola and I conquered my Facebook behavior. Not on Facebook anymore, well, not as much as I was. Not plunging my entire YouTube and website promotion to this medium.
Once I had not been on Facebook for a couple of days I realized my life became pretty lonesome. I love to peek in on some guys every now and then, and I miss the society critic posts from Nicholas and the adventures of Anjo, I missed the cat spam and running pics from Wendy….and some more. So every now and then I take a peek in their lives, only to shut the app the moment I’m done.

Posting on my private Facebook account? No more

Even taking pictures has had a change of tune under my absence of social media.
The creative flow is returning and things will change, for me for the better, for my Facebook followers, well…..that is up to them. Not my concern anymore. And that is exactly where the pain was, I was thinking audience way too much and forgetting about myself.

There is a new balance, with less sugar, less social media, less addiction.
And yes there is a connection, it is about self control, about not buying whats in store or in front of your nose.
While ex FB CEO’s try to set up a new kind of business for themselves, promoting how bad Facebook influences the world, I did not need them to tell me, I saw with my own eyes.

Whats up these days?
Well, I finally found a pair of shorts (yes, mens department again!) to my liking I love them, streetwise, right color of green and lots of pockets. Paid a fortune for them, but gosh did I like them! Sometimes life is about spoiling yourself.

(Ah, my neighbour is emptying is ashtray, time for the next round of smokes…….)

Podcasts, the subject has been on my mind for a couple of months, but I could not wrap my mind around it. So here it is, the book “ the Paradise Pit’ is not coming along right as well and I hate seeing myself on YouTube and than there is this endless stream of photos. Why not combine those three?
I’m experimenting in my mind, with subjects, stories and safeguarding the essence of the book.

For there is a pit in Paradise, or a paradise in every pit…..

My Dutch website has expired. A bit of a sad moment. I loved Hallo Aarde (Hello Earth) but lack of viewers and me having to adjust to an English speaking life it had to go down. It has been my comfort zone way too long.

New laptop, still not used to my American keypad, but I’m getting there.
I got my new glasses, found out that I might have cataract on my left eye, so next thing is saving up for a new lens and operation.

Facebook Page? Not sure…….it gives clicks to my website and helps with the findability. But Maybe FB is over the top, just like Twitter and Instagram……like all social media?
I give it a try though. Not as intensive anymore as I did.

If you want to see my personal life you have to tune into YouTube.
I have changed the Vlogs, they are more like a week review, or whatever comes to mind. It will be published on the FB page under the tab: Leaving Holland Channel.

Quotes, I do have those witty moments, maybe capture them?
There were quotes on the Leaving Holland Facebook Page, but they did not create much interaction. Maybe I’m not that funny after all.
Or maybe they had the wrong template, not sure. I leave it to rest for a while.

Maybe one day a T-shirt line. Than I have something printed anyhow, maybe not that book, but still……being in somebodies closet or on some hunks body is probably even better in these days.

Conquistador…….I guess I was fighting windmills trying to stay on social media, tolerating it all. Now I just enjoy knowing I came from the land of windmills and I try to enjoy life.

I had a great ride over Luzon, passing Mount Mayon and the Bicol zigzag route. And enjoying Samar in all its splendid beauty.
It is amazing how far I have come mastering that motorbike!

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