Cost of living in the Philippines

Cost of living in the Philippines

The cost of living in the Philippines is low compared to other major Southeast Asian countries. And extremely low compared to living in Holland.
However the cost of living in Manila and Cebu City s higher than throughout the rest of the country, living in Manila is cheaper than living in Singapore, Jakarta and Bangkok.

Cost of living in the PhilippinesFood
The cost of food in the Philippines is lower than what we are used to over here in the West. If choosing to buy local products in marketplaces you’ll find them very cheap and plenty available.

Food in restaurants is affordable, food in street restaurants is cheap. So you can even eat out while living on a low budget. Price for a cup of coffee is PHP 12 and a meat-dish with rice will be around PHP 56. A standard McDonald’s meal will be app. PHP 130
Cigarettes and alcohol are also relatively cheap compared to elsewhere.

Since foreigners living in the Philippines can own the house but not the land its buildLiving in the Philippines on, most of the them rent a property. Which is absolutely affordable.
Rental rates vary depending on the location and whether a home is furnished or unfurnished, close to the beach or more inland. But generally the closer to tourist areas and the city centre you want to rent, the more you will pay. For example a one bedroom apartment in Manilla city centre will cost you app. PHP 20,000, and a five bedroom renovated house, 20 minutes from Cebu City  will cost you around PHP 25.000 per month. Philippines landlords prefer to rent to foreigners, as they can charge a higher price, if you are a wise person you let a Filipino friend do the negotiations and close the deal, this will save you money.

Utilities such as water and electricity are not always included in the rent and are additional costs that you will have to pay. Other monthly costs will include Internet, cable television and air conditioning maintenance.
Electricity is very expensive in the Philippines, so do not turn up your air conditioning to the max! Try to get used to the heat instead or escape to the seaside where you might catch a breeze. You”ll save a lot of money if you do so. Your monthly electricity and water-bill will be around PHP 3.700.
Internet will cost around PHP 2.000 per month.

Daily living Philippines Leaving HollandTransport
Public transport in the Philippines is relatively cheap. While using a taxi on a regular basis can become expensive, local jeepneys and buses offer more inexpensive options. A jeepney never costs you more than PHP 8
Due to high import duties, cars are rather expensive. Petrol will cost you per liter around PHP 50.

Clothing and household goods
The price of clothing is quite reasonable in the Philippines. However, imported goods are expensive, particularly electronics, due to high import duties. Furniture you can have handmade and crafted just the way you want it by local craftsmen, for less money than buying it in furniture stores.

Schooling and Education
Moving to the Philippines having children will ask a lot of different choices about your quality of living. one thing you will notice that the cost of schooling and education will likely be their second biggest expense after accommodation. The majority of foreign families living in the Philippines send their children to international schools, which comes in a price range of 20,000 USD per year.

Exchange rate per 3/11/2014: 1 Euro = PHP 56,1451PHP Leaving Holland
Prices for the region or city of your choice can be checked on Numbeo

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