Dating in the Philippines

Dating in the Philippines

Dating in the Philippines, wether online and long distance or in real life, when you are, what they call in the philippines ‘a foreigner’, you are in for a few surprises. The cultural difference, poverty and daily life in the Philippines will happen sooner or later.

A lot is written about men dating beautiful (young) Filipina’s. I want to cover a new area: I want to write from a female perspective, with all my experience as a counselor added to that.

And I want to write for Filipinos as well. Too many men here wonder if:

  • Western women are interested in Filipino men
  • How to date a white woman
  • How will the sex be and what about sizes?

And the women coming to this country search for that kind of topics as well.

And then there is the Filipina, often left behind with a broken heart, or even with a child. How do you handle a break-up and what does it mean when he text you after a while? How to heal your broken heart? And how to build a healthy strong relationship.

On Leaving Holland Website you can find the best tips and advice. My Name is JC from Holland, I travel the Philippines on my motorcycle and I try to explore the country in every aspect. In the Netherlands I worked as a coach and counselor.


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Contact me at info @ if you have any questions that are not answered through the website


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Dating a Filipino man

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Dating in the Philippines

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