Day Trip to Guimaras Island

Day Trip to Guimaras Island

From Iloilo pump boat wharf it takes only 15 minutes to visit the island of the sweetest mangos in the world.
Buy your ticket at the small ticket booth outside the wharf, enlist and embark for only 14 pesos (0.28 euro)

Arriving at the other side you can take one of the many tours that are listed on the information board just outside the port entrance. tricycle drivers, jeepney chauffeurs and multi-cab owners will offer you numerous possibilities and prices.

After my 500 pesos and over half an hour tricycle ride a few days ago to Nueva Valencia’s beaches, I decided to hire a multi cab. These are small jeepneys and for 1200 pesos the driver agreed to take me to Guisi Lighthouse and beach an wait for me there to bring me back to the wharf before the last boat leaves at approximately 6 o’clock.

Guisi Beach and Lighthouse are in the south part of the island and offer magnificent views from the ancient ruins of the lighthouse and golden sandy and very quiet beaches. After being at the Iloilo city proper for over 3 weeks now, I was ready for some peace and quiet surroundings.
Guimaras holds little traffic, it is a quiet island that makkes a great escape rom the busy city.

After my visit to the lighthouse the multi cab driver took me just down the road to the beach entrance.

After spending some time in the clear water and sun and exploring the beaches and huge rocks, I asked him to take another route back so I would have a little island tour.

Watch the one minute videos from the countryside and the windmill project, and the photos below for an impression.


The photo on top of the blog post is Guisi Beach, near to the Lighthouse. The golden sandy beach is seclusive and private. You have to pay an entrance fee of 20 pesos. You can also rent day cabins (150 pesos per day) and use the barbecue at the hotel grounds (Prices december 2015)

For a visit to the Lighthouse you pay an entrance fee of 20 pesos per person. For more stunning pictures of this Myst-game-kind of setting, visit my facebook page – Guisi Lighthouse album


Guisi Lighthouse
Ocean View from the abandoned building


Guisi Lighthouse
Old overgrown walls


Guisi Lighthouse
While everybody looks at the ruins, there is hidden in the trees yet another lighthouse

The windmill project in San Lorenzo is fascinating for those who love to see how the Philippines is working on more CO2 neutral electricity and using the forces of wind to power up.

Windmills San Lorenzo
Guimaras has 27 windmills, you find them around San Lorenzo. A project of several private investors united in an Asian Energy program.


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