Delete or reply?

Delete or reply?

How one word can pierce your soul
it shows up in her world unexpectedly and emphasises all that was
and is
or is not
it echoes within the cavities of her longing
bounces up the walls around her heart

two letters,
not even spoken
not even hand written

the impact is huge
modern technology can be a curse she whispers
as her finger lingers between 2 options
delete or reply
reply or delete

reply and delete
but than it will be too late and the door will be open

better delete

the dilemma is not even a dilemma
as she realises she does not miss him
she misses company
in general

I got used to being together, she tells her heart
and now I need to adjust to being alone
doing what I love most
by myself

her finger moves towards the delete button
her eyes drink in the little word

her heart replies and answers
as her mind commands
her finger to delete the message



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