Recently I received a donation from a happy visitor. That was a nice announcement. Since the bill for my hosting was due and I totally forgot about it. That bill is like 240 US$, and I really should put it in the calendar when it is due.
The amount always shocks me. I know I have little income from advertisement, and some donations, but still not enough to cover the hosting-costs, the domain-name registration and stuff like that.

Why not change to cheaper hosting?

I would if I could, believe me. But my experience with cheaper hosting is that the sharing part of it slows my website down so much that Google ‘punishes’ me for that. When you have shared hosting, and most cheaper hosting is shared hosting, the hosting company just puts together packages of website to server space. And when you are unlucky you get to share with a big website with lots and lots of visitors, so there is no space left for your website to speed up.

Google want your website to open with in a flash, or it will rank your website lower in the search results.
After several tryouts with different kind of shared hosting I decided for the sake of my visitors to use grid-hosting.
Since that there are no more time outs on my websites and the respons time of my website has gone up.

To share or not to share that is the big question

It was my deepest wish to find affordable and fast hosting, and for the service I can offer now the pricing of my hosting is good. But still it is a lot of money. That is why there is a donation button on the website. For I hoped that in order to share free information with you visitor of Leaving Holland I would get some in return.

It is like a subscription to a magazine. You pay probably per year and you do not even realise it anymore. If lands on your doormat every week or month and it is for you to pick up and read. So is my website. You Google your subject, or you have an email subscription and the information is there for you, free accessible.
I put in a lot of hours to prepare it for you, I answer questions and I make videos. And yes I know, it is my choice to do so.
And it is your choice to use that donation button or not.

My own crowd funding project

I tried having a crowdfunding page at Patreon, but I found a donation-button more appropriate and convenient. And a donation button is kind of like a crowd funding page……..(correct me if I’m wrong)
The payment is easy and safe, you use either your Paypal account or a creditcard and other than with a crowdfunding page you are the one to decide how much money to donate.

In return I will do my best to keep this website up and running and as informative as possible,

So here it is: the donation button:

—- I thank you in advance!!

If you like it, share it!