Driving Quezon Zigzag road

Driving Quezon Zigzag road

The old zigzag road in the Quezon/Bicol area also known as Bitukan Manok was some adventure on my last trip. On my way to Naga City I decided to sleep over in Atimonan, because of the bad weather, I passed this road because it is shorter than the newer road. I would not have missed it although it was a challenge.

Steep climbs and narrow curves and a long slippery descent.

You go through the chickens intestines I believe the proper translation of Bitukan Manok is. And that is how it feels. Huge trees filtering sunlight and giving the ride a tunnel experience.

It is said there is a toll fee to pay as from januari 2018, but no toll fee was asked for. You do have to pay attention to the people flagging you through the narrow parts. Green means go, red….do stop! It is dangerously tight when you meet a SUV coming up when you want to use that part of the road also.

The road offers great views, but offers not many places to stop and since it was raining I missed out on those. Better to have a stop offer at the park, but than again, you miss that easily since you are so focussed driving and it is unannounced.

Watch the video of the trip through this Quezon national Forest Park.

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