Falling in love when travelling

Falling in love when travelling

I started my new adventure as a digital nomad October 2015. And now January 2017 I have a tough decision to make. Or maybe not so tough?

I fell in love. Not head over heals, but progressively with a very nice, warm and friendly Filipino man. A passionate lover also. A father of an 8 year old daughter. His wife died just over a year ago and although he had sworn to never fall in love again, just like me, we are now in love.

What to do?
Did I figure a future for myself with a bonus child that als o has a severe handicap? Did I dream of living on a small Filipino Island, doing my laundry and my bonus families laundry by hand? Cook on an open fire and never explore that far horizon anymore?

No I did not picture that future for myself. I pictured a future as a nomad

Constantly on the move, constantly the new girl in town and ‘she who leaves’. That is what I figured for me. A backpackers-life forever.
And yet here I am, owner of a big motorbike, introduced to my new ‘inlaws’ eating more rice than I had ever imagined and only staring at that horizon without that burning longing in my heart to explore.

I realized that I had come home.

My heart is with him and you know what they say: home is where the heart is. And my home is here on this small island. With him and my bonus child.

Writing that it still scares the hell out of me. Some days I wonder if I oversee clearly what I am about to do.
I guess not. And isn’t life about taking chances and jumping in at the deep end?

I did it before, by leaving the Netherlands for good and selling all my possessions, by wrapping up my 9-5 status and become a vagabond. And I’m sure I can do it again.

So here I am, staring at my Osprey backpack, in my tiny cottage near the sea under the palm trees I have an upstairs. The upstairs of abandoned dreams I call it in my mind. For it is where my backpack is gathering dust.
For downstairs new dreams are build, plans for a future together and a house. Plans for his job and mine.
My job will change a lot. I have to reinvent myself.
From nomadic blogger into…….
Into what?

For my Dutch website it ws easy, Diary of an Islandwoman (dagboek van een Eilandvrouw) Believe me it sounds a lot better in Dutch!
For my Leaving Holland website I have no clue.

I already changed the layout from a magazine style website to a blog. Maybe I will make it more personal here. Adjust it just a little, find a good mix between work and private life.
A mix of informative and fun.

But the sub title? Since I’m not nomadic anymore? I have no clue!

Do you have bright ideas? Please help me out!

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  1. Welcome Denise, The blog will change drastically through all this, and is also available in Dutch….