Ferry schedule Abra d’Ilog to Batangas City and vice versa

Ferry schedule Abra d’Ilog to Batangas City and vice versa

In Abra de Ilog roro depart daily to Batangas city. The port is a little outside the village itself and offers not much. There is a hotel and a diner, but that is about it.

For the rest the buildings are port authority, terminal and offices.

Montenegro has a schedule (more or less) and Besta Shipping Lines departs when reasonably full.

Here are the departure times for Besta Shipping Lines:

Abra d'IlogBatangas
12.00 AM12.00 AM
4.00 AM4.00 AM
8.00 AM8.00 AM
12.00 PM12.00 PM
3.30 PM3.30 PM
7.30 PM7.30 PM

Boarding the Roro with the motorcycle:

Departure times for Montenegro Shipping Lines in Abra d’Ilog:

8.00 AM / 4.00 PM and 11.00 PM

Departing from Batangas at:

2.00 AM / 6.00 AM / 10.00 AM / 2.00 PM / 6.00 PM / 10.00 PM

Passenger and motorcycle 900 pesos
Passenger only 260 pesos

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Please note that in the Philippines schedules are not valued. They can change without notice and sometimes you have to wait for hours before a ferry departs or it is clear why there is delay. Weather, failing equipment and government decisions are usually the reason for delay.

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