Ferry Schedules from Dumaguete to Siquijor

Ferry Schedules from Dumaguete to Siquijor

Although bus and ferry schedules in the Philippines are due to weather conditions, maintenance and strategic changes. And posting schedules on a website involves the risk schedules are outdated, I do wish to publish the ferry schedules from Dumaguete to Siquijor.

So many people wonder if you can make it from Sibulan Airport to the last Ferry leaving for Siquijor

Arriving from Cebu Airport on the afternoon flight in Dumaguete you can make it to the last ferries departing from Dumaguete to Siquijor. Tell the tricycle driver that you need to be there in time. It is a bit if a rush, but you can make it.

So no need to do an overnight stay in Dumaguete when you are on your way to Siquijor.

The people in the port will direct you to the right ticket booth and you will have plenty of time to board, once you entered the Passengers terminal.

From the ticketbooth, go straight to the port entrance, up to the building on the right, there is a terminal fee to be paid, richt side of the entrance.

Than security checks and on to the waiting area. Usually the boarding has already started, Just ask the guard which gate you have to take. Usually the one on the left side of the building. It is quite a long walk to the ferry. So keep moving.

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Here are the ferry schedules from Dumaguete to Siquijor


CompanyDeparture timearriving inNote:
GLines5.30SiquijorNot on Saturday
Montenegro7.00SiquijorDaily, Roro
GLines8.00SiquijorNot on Saturday
Aleson8.30SiquijorDaily, Roro
OceanJet9.50Tagbilaran, BoholDaily. Stops in Siquijor
GLines10.00SiquijorNot on Saturday
Montenegro10.00LarenaDaily, Roro
Aleson10.30SiquijorDaily, Roro
GLines12.00SiquijorNot on Saturday
Montenegro14.00SiquijorDaily, Roro
GLines15.00SiquijorNot on Saturday
Aleson15.30SiquijorDaily, Roro
GLines16.50SiquijorNot on Saturday
Montenegro18.00LarenaDaily, Roro
Aleson18.00SiquijorDaily, Roro

Book your hotel on Siquijor Island

Prices vary from 100 pesos for Aleson up to 170 pesos for OceanJet, GLines and Montenegro are 130 pesos, one way, one person.
No extra luggage fee, but you do have to pay the porter if you use one.

Once on the other side of the crossing, you will find plenty of transportation to get to your rental. Tricycles with fixed fees are awaiting you, or you can rent a van, scooter or motorcycle.

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