Fire dancers on Mount Bandilaan, among things

Fire dancers on Mount Bandilaan, among things

The One minute videos of Leaving Holland Channel show you the Philippines in a moment of time. No need to watch long items on someone else’s roadtrip. They contain it all, beaches, nature, cities and daily life for you to enjoy.

There are playlists to organize them on subjects like: Islands, Beaches, 360º Views and Cities. There are random videos, videos of stunning white beaches and of daily life in small villages. There are no words, it is for you to make up the story, to have your own impressions. They are RAW (unedited) and short enough to sit them out.

Today I added the Fire Dancers on Mount Bandilaan on Siquijor Island for you:

The upbeat music in this video is nothing compared to other videos on the channel like

Which video is a little longer and dated from before I started with the One Minute Videos.

There are even Videos of the Netherlands on my channel

I hope you enjoy them!

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As for the Fire Dancers on Mount Bandilaan, they performed during Holy Week 2017, but you can watch them on a regular base in Baha Bar in Maite. They are quite impressive and no matter how often they perform, they always seem to enjoy themselves.

Fire dancing is one of the attractions offered to tourist all through the Philippines. You find them on Boracay, White Beach Puerto Galera and many other places.

They are fun to watch, and for a tip they will make you part of their dance

In some places Fire dancers will include you in their dance so you can make stunning travel pictures and fun selfies.

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