Garden of Tabinay, Puerto Galera

Garden of Tabinay, Puerto Galera

Garden of Tabinay is the place we come across while fleeing from the endless noise of White Beach. Upon arrival it all seemed calm and peaceful and very quiet. So we decided to move.

Were we mistaken. The Garden of Tabinay is an example of how a good development in the Philippines can be ruined by a bad neighbourhood. Once The Garden of Tabinay must have been a haven, an oasis. The garden cottages are a gem. Homely comfortable, everything is there for a long stay, no need to buy anything. Only gas and food But upon my arrival int he right garden cottage there was even gas.

I paid 13k including water and electricity, and weekly cleaning. No air con. I had a lovely view over a well maintained garden towards the sea. The beach is so so. Not very clean and not very white.
And it does not look inviting to sunbath and leave your stuff while swimming.

The peace at Garden of Tabinay often gets disturbed by the neighbors. There is a newly build house across the road that has loud gatherings with lots of Red Horse in the gazebo opposite of the house, that happens to be right in he back of the cottages. They entertain with loud music, loud voices and screaming and sometimes even rooftop parties. A house a little down the road has a pack of 6 guard dogs that start barking at 5 in the morning at everything moving.
And there is a lot of karaoke that is too loud and too often in the area opposite of Badladz Apartments.

Shame how a bad neighborhood can ruin a good resort

There are 2 buildings: the garden cottages, which are lovely, but outdated, and a newer apartment block just behind it. Which is a total money grab. Almost everything is broken and there is a lot of leakage and mold. Cottages for long term are rented out from 13k up till 18k per month depending the cottage.

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The place offers no internet and the signal in Small Tabinay is weak and unreliable

Garden of Tabinay is just outside Puerto Galera, in the direction of Calapan, take the road to Badladz Beach Resort and Squares Apartments and when you reach the newly build 2 story house, turn left, just after the garbage burning place and the gazebo through the grass, you end up on a dirt road with two walls, left is the newly development and right is the actual Garden of Tabinay.

Will I go there again? Probably. Puerto Galera and surroundings are noisy, and although the neighbours are the spoilers in this cute resort, the peacefull daytime and the view is enough to have a good time in Small Tabinay.

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