How I prepared for my first voyage on a motorcycle

How I prepared for my first voyage on a motorcycle

I did not get much sleep the day before I left for my first big motorcycle trip. As a new driver I had only experience on the island if Siquijor in the Philippines. There in the wide stretched roads and in relatively quiet traffic I mastered the art of riding a motorbike.

But going on a ferry and moving to another island, passing through big cities and highways….gosh: i was nervous.

Arriving in Dumaguete and riding to Bacong was the first part of the journey. In Dumaguete we made the mistake of having the motorbikes washed, the enthusiastic guy waxed all, including the brake pads. so when we started driving the busy streets of Dumaguete, I felt my MC slip through the brakes time and time again.

I went to the dealer to ask his opinion and he explained that once the brake pads were soaked in wax, they would not get any better. But he wanted to give it a try and clean them with gasoline.
Since they had no new brake pads in stock.

The next day we had them replaced anyway, since they were still slippery and the mechanic told us it was not safe to drive like this.
We had the motorbikes in for a major checkup, when you do so in the Philippines make sure you do it in time. Nothing seems to be in stock and you are send out on a wild goose chase by the mechanic to find spare parts.

It is a time consuming thing to have your MC fixed in the Philippines

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While the mechanic was fixing the bikes we went shopping for drybags, gloves and gadgets.

Nothing more fun than that right?
Wrong, what an exhausting thing: yes ma’am we have, but not your size, out of stock only on display……..

It is so much easier to use the Shipping Cart in the USA and have things send to us by LBC, but then you cannot feel , try it on and you have to wait for weeks for it to arrive.
But still……

I needed my handle bars replaced by a luggage rack. Lucky for me the spare parts employee at Du Ek Sam Yamaha knew a guy that knew a guy that had an original for sale for 300 pesos only. Best buy so far!

We found drybags at the OZ Racing Lifestyle Shop, along the highway from Dumaguete to Bacon. The straps made them easy to fit on the motorbike. They guaranteed us they were 95% waterproof. But we should have looked closer, since none of the stitching was sealed. And the first long ride from Zamboanguita to Sipalay the luggage got soaking wet.

We bought a dry sleeve in IloIlo Robinsons Department store as extra coverage to keep the luggage dry. But for bags prices 2900 pesos (48 euro) that should not be necessary. Considering Filipino prices that are expensive bags.

Well, we are on the roll, riding from island to island

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I changed the fuel in my bike from the dealer’s advice of green 91 to red 95 and have so much more power, especially in third and fourth gear. Which is nice riding the busy highways to keep up with traffic speed.

I keep track of my mileage and fuel usage in Fuelo, an app that will keep track of motorcycle costs.

I have the app with offline available maps of the Philippines. Which are detailed enough to guide me through the country.

Windy app tells me if it is going to rain or not. Long sleeve shirt will prevent my arms from burning in the sun and my windbreaker jacket keeps me comfortable on windy days. And my Spyder helmet keep my brains together when I’m to face the concrete roads a little too close.

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