How to stay in touch with overseas friends

How to stay in touch with overseas friends

For my website visitors there is always the contact form to reach out to me. And for the PREMIUM readers the comment section.

But for friends and family there are some changes. I realise that people my age, born before the computer era are not always as good with internet connections as our children or the younger generation. And I realise by leaving the beaten track I put a strain on some of my friends by urging them to switch from WhatsApp to Skype or Facebook Messenger.

When I was 17 and travelling the world was a different place. I was depending on the old skool snail mail which got lost a lot with me changing ports and places as much as I did and mail being very unreliable. So I guess there are still a few parcels and letters somewhere in the system. Some days my imagination runs away with me when I fantasy about what might happen when one of those lost letters is sent to me now. You know, like in a movie?

When I wanted to phone home I had to use landlines and wait sometimes up till three days to get a connection. And making collect calls my parents always got a fright over the costs. Sometimes phone bills would show hundreds of guilders for just a few minutes of bad connection.

There will be no phone number anymore, my cellphone  can go down any day now, since phone companies are not the most flexible guys on earth when it comes to dates.

So how to stay in touch with overseas friends?
Here are some means of communication that might help you stay in touch with friends and family abroad.

For those using iCloud there is iMessage, that will be one way to get in touch with me and stay in touch with me. Just don;t use my phone number but the website email address.

Facebook messenger
I’m not to keen on the app, it is lurking on my phone battery making sure I run out of power at the most unexpected times. But yes I do use Facebook messenger when I’m at the laptop.

I have a Skype account. And I like to chat through Skype occasionally. For me Skype is about work and appointments, but I have to get used to the idea of mixing pleasure and business here.

Yahoo Messenger
I won’t use that, maybe in the future, since in Asia everybody uses it, but like the MSN Messenger: I’m not to keen on those chat services. So I do not use any chat services other than the one connected to my private Facebook account.

Google Hangout
I recently opened an account for the Leaving Holland page at Google+, but honestly? I have no idea how to use it. But is you are using Google Hangout, feel free to reach out to me there and I will figure it out along the way. I guess just like Skype it is just a matter of doing it and learning along the way.

Long story short
To me Skype and Facebook Messenger are the most preferable and easy to use methods, besides email.
Keep in mind: to you it is just one person moving to another country and roaming the earth, knowing about the digital nomad life and blogging, but to me: well my Facebook profile is growing massively and I have lots of people reaching out to me, emailing me and seeking my attention. I might not respond as quickly as you want me to.
There is also the matter of WiFi, I do need to be near a hotspot since all those communication apps are on WiFi only settings.
And off course there are things like: time zones, brownouts, work, free time and a world to explore……so and do not expect me to sit behind my laptop all day to chat with you.

Feel free to connect

Social media buttons are all over this website (sidebar, footer) there is a contact form for questions about me doing some work for you or more general questions.

For personal contact use Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Skype or Google Hangout and just be patient.