I found my Paradise

I found my Paradise

After over 1 year of travelling I have decided to settle down on the Island of Siquijor in the Philippines.
I found my paradise.

The lifestyle of a digital nomad is great, and some days I still get that restless urge to discover that what lies beyond the horizon. But I will not go, not forever anymore.
Maybe short trips in the near future, but no longer carrying all my stuff around in a backpack and a laptop bag.

I even bought a new, smaller backpack, putting my Osprey in storage for the time being.

I rent a cottage on a remote location away from the hustle and endless disco night of the tourist strip where I stayed my first few months in a wonderful beachfront cottage.
But witht he tourist season starting, that offered little to no privacy. And if there is one thing I have discovered during my travels: i like my privacy. I need my own female version of a men cave where I can hide away from the business of every day life and do my own things.

Things like writing, advising people and creating Facebook Pages for small businesses.

But also a little bit of gardening, playing with my dog an cat that came with settling down and roaming my newly found paradise with my boyfriend.
Some of you might have guessed already: this nomad found love. And it is hard to travel and maintain a long distant relationship when all you want to do is spent time together. For my boyfriend long term travel is not an option, so I was the one to decide to stay put and settle down.

And here I am in my almost hilltop cottage, overlooking the meadows and hills around me and the hills of the island of Negros in my sunset views.
My next door neighbour is a cow, and only in the evening the sound of the surrounding barangays come with the wind.

Few goals to reach in the near future:

I bought a Yamaha SZ150 motorbike that I need to learn to control beyond everything, for it will give me the freedom to roam around even more. But the fast bike is heavy, and the clutch and gears are a learning curve. I’m getting there, as long as there is not much gravel or steep roads ahead of me.

Get the cat and the dog (house) trained, since they are 7 and 9 weeks old, they need to be trained both to poo and pee outside but also to obey the boundaries of the property and not to wander of.
They are called Ben and Jerry, for they are as comforting as the ice cream on my lonely nights under the stars in the cool mountain air.

Find myself a new routine in writing, what to share? How to go about the blogs? The Dutch blog which was always more like a diary is doing great under these new developments, this blog….I do not know yet.
The diary section will get more attention that is for sure, but I also want to keep it an informative and fun. I need to refocus on what to do

For now it is all about settling into my new house, getting to know all the routes to town and find out the best spots to work from. I ordered a handcrafted table made of 1 piece of wood to serve as a desk on the veranda, and I’m so looking forward to use that to write.

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