Iloilo the City of Love

Iloilo the City of Love

I really haven’t been able to find out why they call Iloilo ‘The City of Love’. I have been asking around and doing research about the slogan but no one seems to know. They know: It’s more fun in the Philippines, but they sum p numerous things why Iloilo might be called the city of love:

  • lovely people
  • good infrastructure
  • nice place to be
  • the food is lovely
  • lovely local language
  • old buildings

And so the lists goes on, I guess it is clever city marketing, Every city in the Philippines has it’s own slogan and it’s ‘I am…” hashtag, and Iloilo just happened to be the city of love, and I loved the city.

I visited many interesting places. And I could imagine how this town must have looked while the Spanish were here and the ancient buildings and the Calle Real were brand new. I loved the food, the people and the Malls.

Here are some picture of my visit to Iloilo City. Don;t forget to watch the one minute videos I took in this city!  My next blog will be about travelling to Negros Island and Bacolod City.


Molo Church
Molo Church


Megaworld Iloilo
A view over Megaworld in the Jaro District


Iloilo Housing
The contrast between rich and poor


Jaro Church Iloilo
Jaro Cathedral


Esplanade Iloilo
The walk-way along side the Iloilo River called Esplanade


Cultural House
The Culture House opposite of Molo Church




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