Intermittent Fasting revisited

Intermittent Fasting revisited

I wrote about it before as being such a good way to eat in a tropical climate. For it will help you  burn fat and get rid of the water your body will hold because you drink so much.

After being on the motorbike for almost every day the last 6 months I somehow do not slip back into my ‘old’ self. I feel old. My years start to count and I dislike that. And my sugar-balance is off. I can tell by the way my tongue feels and looks. In the Philippines sugar is added to many many products. As is Ve-tsin, both chemicals that are so unhealthy. And I need to detox my body from both.

The sugar will be the hardest. So I cut back on soft drinks and switched to water and juice. I use acid drinks like Calamansi juice to get a healthier balance in my body. But the fatigue stays, no matter how much I try, rest, relax and eat more fruit, it is just not enough to tip the scale.

So, I start today with a new round of intermittent fasting again. I wil follow the 8 hour eat and 16 hours fasting schedule. I know from the past that fits my system the best and that burns the most of my belly fat.

Typing this post hungry, for the first days are the worst, tomorrow I know will be a better day. My body simply has to wait till 10 a.m. before I can have my yoghurt. Another sour thing added to my menu to balace the sugar rush.

15 more minutes.

I tell myself that my body is burning fat as I type. And that keeps me from plundering my fridge.

A healthy lifestyle is a must when living in a hot and humid climate. Well, it is a must for everyone, everywhere around the world, but when doing a serious climate change in living conditions it is a must even more so. Specially when the food is different and the bad food and habits are easy to afford. You need discipline, and as I wrote in the previous article, you can lavish too much here. And the heat and humidity will weaken your immune system without you noticing you drink too little eat too much fat and carbs.

Fatigue for me is ‘the’ alarm bell to ring that my body is off.

Intermittent fasting will help me lose weight, get me back in shape and balacne my body when it comes to insuline production and other hormone stuff.  and who knows, I might even sleep better.

So today is day one…..wish me luck! *grin*.

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