Is it safe to live in the Philippines?

Is it safe to live in the Philippines?

Many Governments issued a negative travel-advice for the Philippines after the so called Bohol Incident.
And a lot of people wonder if it is safe to travel to the Philippines or to live there.
Since the experience of safety is a personal one, I can only speak for myself.

Please do take not
e that whether it is a real threat, a political game or just a hoax to scare off people: whenever a government gives a travel advice you are the one to take notice and act according your own feelings and believes. No one, No one on the internet can fill in the blanks for you and change the way you feel in a situation. All we can do, those living in the Philippines, is share our point of view with you, from there on you are on your own to form an opinion about your own safety when you travel to the Philippines.

The floor is yours: I’m sure you have an opinion, you can comment on the YouTube channel where the discussion is already ongoing, or here on the blog, I love to read your thoughts and/or experiences

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