Islandia Beach Resort, Gold Sky Sea View and Coral Cay

Islandia Beach Resort, Gold Sky Sea View and Coral Cay

Siquijor offers a wide range of resorts and homestay facilities for both short stay and long stay.
From dorm to high quality resorts, all is available. During my one year stay in Siquijor I used both homestay for long stay rent and resorts. Here is an overview:

Islandia Beach Resort

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A little outside the hustle and buzz of the tourist strip in San Juan you can find Islandia Beach Resort. Their beautiful palm tree planted beach is a pleasant place to spent an afternoon. At high tide you can swim. But you need dive shoes since there is a lot of seagrass and with that: sea urchins with their sharp needles.

Islandia offers 8 cottages of which 2 are located on the beach. it is a resort that is still under development. And rates 2 stars. It is my believe that when the resort is finished stars will be added. It has potential.
Like many resorts on the island there is no hot shower. The modern looking rooms and comfortable mattresses make sure you have a good night’s rest at Islandia Beach Resort

The restaurant offers a variety of affordable food which is well prepared. But a lot of items are ‘out of stock’, specially drinks.
Wifi is available in the restaurant and very weak, it switches on and off all the time and most days it is slow. On some moments it came close to okey. It is a very quiet place, the only sound is the the sound of sea and the fishing boats leaving in the early morning.

Location: Catulayan, San Juan, Siquijor

Gold Sky Sea View

Gold sky sea view, siquijor, resorts, homestay

Gold Sky Sea view is right in the middle of Maite, a little town in San Juan Province. Tucked away from the highway close to the beach the Bucol family offers 3 cottages for rent. Long stay is possible. 1 cottage has a kitchen, the other one a kitchenette and there is an outside kitchen.
The little gazebo at the beach is a nice place to sit with your laptop or a book.

The cottages are basic, but comfortable and the lovely front porch offers a nice dining area.

Because it is a homestay and a family business located in the large backyard which is seafront, you often find yourself among the family laundry and in the midst of family parties. Which can be a little messy at times.

The beach is white during the summer months, but like all beaches on this side of Siquijor Island during Habagat (rain) season a lot of rubbish washes ashore.
Gold Sky Sea View is the only resort of the three I stayed, that cleans the beach regularly. But during Habagat this is a never ending job. So even here the smelly dead seagrass, garbage and driftwood piles up.

The water is shallow and not suitable for a swim.
The place is, because of its location a little noisy in the evenings because it is surrounded with bars and restaurants that offer life entertainment.

The cottages come with free wifi which is reasonable good.

Location: Maite, San Juan, Siquijor

Coral Cay Resort

coral cay resort, siquijor, resorts, Philippines,

Coral Cay resort is located on the so called ‘tourist strip’, which stretches all the way from Maite to Solangon. following the coast. Most hotels and resort on Siquijor are located here.

Like the other resorts during the West winds blowing, the beaches are very dirty. The shallow clear waters carry a lot of seagrass, coconuts, driftwood and garbage. But once the winds turns, the beaches are a gorgious stretch of white coral sand, and on the left from the resort are a few nice sandbars during low tide.

The restaurant at Coral Cay is very good, but prices are higher than average. They never tell you something is out of stock. And although pricy, it is my believe they serve the best mango shake on Siquijor Island.

Cottages are available in every price range. From pretty basic with no hot shower, to more luxurious with a real living and separate bedroom.

The grounds are, although situated in a busy area and tucked away behind local houses, reasonably quiet. Only during live entertainment  in the weekends you can hear music from other places, this will last till midnight. The early morning roosters announcing the day dawn is something that comes with living in the Philippines.

The nice swimming pool makes your stay complete, since seawater in front of the resort is shallow, but very suitable for kayaking and wind surfing, which can be rented in the resort.
The resort offers a pool table, TV area,kids playground, library and gym.

Wifi is excellent, both steady and fast. Only available in the restaurant.

Nice detail that Coral Cay is the only resort of these three that comes with a (night)guard

Location: Solangon, San Juan, Siquijor

I do realise that since these places are totally different and located in different places. This overview is written to give you some idea of the variety of places to stay on Siquijor.

Siquijor offers all, from backpackers dorms starting at 350 php per night up till complete appartments or houses to rent out per month starting at 5.000 php and everything in the middle.


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