JC on Topic, Podcast about Dating in the Philippines

JC on Topic, Podcast about Dating in the Philippines

Recently I have been doing these podcasts. They are a way to show more emotions and are more about me than I am able to show in the One minute videos or vlogs. Spoken from the heart, they are about me and my life in the Philippines and will cover a series of subjects that are hard to capture in images. Through the podcasts you get to know me and my way of looking at my daily life better.

The Podcast are all in a special playlist, so you can subscribe to that playlist if you like the podcasts but not the rest of the channel.

The last one I did was about dating in the Philippines and my confusion on that topic.
Experience from my personal life and observations and conversations with others here in the Philippines, mostly guys, obvious.

Although I get in contact with more and more white women dating Filipinos.

For now, here is my podcast op dating in the Philippines:

For more information on dating in the Philippines

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