Kagusuan Beach Siquijor, Philippines

Kagusuan Beach Siquijor, Philippines

The joy of living on Siquijor is that there are plenty of white beaches to visit. Even when the Habagat winds blows the endless stream of rubbish and plastic soup on the Filipino shores there is always the other side of the island to go for a swim.

My favourite beach is Kagusuan Beach. It is white, coral sand beach, with huge rocks in the water. The seagrass is a little further out in the ocean so there is a spacious white sand sea bottom to swim without stepping into a prickly sea urchin.

The rocks offer a great place to snorkel and enjoy marine life.

I walk with you over my favourite beach with the emerald sea and crystal clear waters, while Oda shows you how to open sea urchins and eat them while on the beach. (no need for a knife)

Entrance fee for Kagusuan Beach is an environmental fee of 30 pesos per person. You pay the fee after enlisting your name and place of residence to the guard.
In order to reach the beach you have to climb down a concrete staircase. The beach itself offers lots of seclusive little bay areas where you can enjoy a beach day in privacy.

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TIP: Bring your own food and drinks, for there are no restaurants or bars on this beach.

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2 thoughts on “Kagusuan Beach Siquijor, Philippines

  1. This is a gem! and all that beauty for just 30 pesos?! I have a few questions though, are there any specific accommodations nearby that you can recommend? and how do you get to the beach?Thank you!

  2. Hi, it is a gem isn’t it. Just ask for a tourist map at the port tourist information desk, or your accommodation, the way to the beach is on the map. It is halfway around the island coming from Siquijor port. Any nearby accommodations? No, I have no experience with any, there are a few, in different price ranges. But no idea about quality and such. Cheapest in that area is Buco Beach, that is all I know, but still quite a drive from there. Keep in mind you can do the whole island in an hour and a half going 40 km per hour on your scooter. 🙂 So even a resort in the popular San Juan area is not far.
    You can find accommodation from 350 pesos per night per person upward till 4000 per person per night.

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