Lady Rider in the Philippines, my new motorbike

Lady Rider in the Philippines, my new motorbike

During the last road trip I realized that the Yamaha SZ150 was just a little too small for my riding style. Sometimes when overtaking or going uphill, there was always that split second feel of: Am I going to make this?

And how many times I tried to shift up being in fifth gear already I can not recall. So the search for a new bike started.

Now in the Philippines, it is not a matter of going to any dealer and order a  bike. You depend on availability and there is not much choice. Lucky for me GUD in Dumaguete had a lot of choice in small big bikes. (up to 400 cc)

The first thought was a Kawasaki Versys X, suitable for both off road and street rides. But when sitting on one and looking at the bike I did not feel it.

So I decided to check out the Rousers. And since other brands did not offer that many bikes in the klasse I was looking Kawasaki and KTM seem to be my only two brands.

I do not like the look of KTM, and with their popularity growing rapidly I did not feel that bike was exclusive enough for me. But neither would the Rouser be, I guess. So I was in doubt.

GUD salespersonal showed me the Kawasaki Dominar 400. And it was love at first sight. It’s looks, it’s color and the sounds of the engine were exactly what I imagined when riding a bigger bike. The horsepower is even more than the 2 cilinder Versys, So I guess I found my new bike.

it solved another problem for me. For the bike was a gift. And I did not want to spent too much money. With 165,000 PHP the Dominar was 100,000 PHP cheaper than the Versys.

I am happy with my new bike, and I cant wait for the registration to be finalized so I can get it to other islands to roam around. Driving the grand roads on Siquijor I only very quickly realized that this island is too small for such a bike.

Some days, I round the island twice. The islanders are joking about it already.

So it will be a lot to change on all the social media, header photos, about pages and specs. I am working on that while you read this and you can watch my video to introduce me new bike.

NOTE: somebody told me there is a typo in the specs, if you can find it I reward you with a lifetime free subscription to my newsletter *grin*



FOR THOSE INTERESTED: I sold the Yamaha, there was this brief moment of sadness when I saw the new owner drive away with it. it brought me over so many island and we shared so many miles.

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