Leaning back in time

Leaning back in time

The last few months I was leaning forward in time, I wanted time to fly by as fast as possible. These last few days I kind of reversed that and now it almost feels like I’m leaning back in the hours.
Time rushes by so fast. Every evening I find myself in front of the TV thinking: Gosh another day has passed……

I finished my last time tour through the Netherlands, with special thanks to my friends for coming along. I finished saying goodbye to most of the people. Just one more farewell diner to go.
Next week is the last week in the Netherlands, the last quiet days. Before I need to check and double check, print tickets, hotel-reservations and stuff like that.

And I’m so looking forward to it and yet I’m so scared.

I created two more new products in the webshop: Social media Management and WordPress Blog Help. Costumers can by a ticket, one ticket equals half an hour work. But money wise I’m still a little troubled.

Another thing I;m doing is creating a new header for the website, once leaving the Netherlands has passed the header needs to change. I’m testing new headers on my social media profiles and I like the latest one on my twitter profile the best. So you will see a new website in the next few weeks. This also means re-arranging the menu bar. And there I get a little lost. Maybe I want to offer too much?
I keep working in that.

Stress and/or anxiety always makes me lose weight, and this time it is no different. Although I have little appetite I try to eat 3 meals a day and healthy food, and I’m loosing weight. Actually: one of my new trousers is to loose and I can leave it behind.

I almost finished my second book: a 101 exit guide for expats and other people who want to leave the Netherlands. Just one more chapter and some proofreading. And than it will be available in the webshop. I guess US$ 5 will be a nice price. When finished it should be around 14 pages.
I’ll price it 4.95, sounds better than 5.

Writing down this weekends shopping list for the grocery store I realised that I only have to cook 5 more meals, all the other evenings my son and I go out for dinner.
What a lovely thought. The house is almost empty, so is my closet. And with cold weather setting in so early this year I have hardly any useable clothing left.
So at home I wear layers: lots of tees over each other, to keep me warm. The house feels cold and damp. And writing that down I’m so ready to go.

I want to explore, jump in on the deep end, leave the beaten path and move forward.

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