Leaving Bohol and back in Cebu City

Leaving Bohol and back in Cebu City

After a two weeks visit of Bohol and roaming the island by bus I left and went back to Cebu City. preparing for a beach week on Bantayan Island. Not knowing how the internet connection will be on such a remote place, I want to work ahead and write a lot of blogs so my website keeps updating and my social media stays alive and kicking while I’m sun-bathing and beach-combing.

Quest Hotel, the hotel were I’m staying is very close to Ayala Mall and I like it’s location. What I do not like is the internet here. It is unreliable. Mostly it is fast, but it has it’s moments and downloading stuff is a hassle. I also get the feeling some sites are blocked.
If you want fast internet during your stay in Cebu, I recommend the Bayfront Hotel close to SM City Mall. It is a little bit out of the city center, but you have your own personal WiFi connection and although you need to log in often, it is as fast as I have ever experienced in the Philippines.

So, this is me sitting in Quest Hotel, working from my room, and typing away, looking forward to my next stop. It will be one of the last resorts for a while, since after that I’ll be moving to Iloilo and looking for a short term rent to use as a base for further travels and exploration.

I’m craving for a home cooked meal and hotel life, although it sounds luxurious can be pretty tiring.
The anonymity of the rooms, although some hotels really go the extra mile to make you feel at home, takes away my sense of identity. I can put my little teddy bear on the side table and spread out a colourful scarf, but after all that it still is a hotel room. With noisy guests in the corridor or even next door as I experienced the other day.

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Life lesson: Never accept a room with a connecting door!

I got a room with a connecting door. They are noisy, it is like living with strangers. I could hear my next door neighbours walk, talk, take a shower and flush the toilet. And after the nightly phone calls and the new male neighbours trying to open the door, banging it and calling and yelling at two o’clock at night, the hotel transferred me kindly to another room. Finally I got a good night sleep.
Being HSP (High Sensitive Person) a god night sleep is so important for me. I need to shelter from the busy city every now and than end shut the world outside. To recuperate from all the smells, noise, impressions and more that bring on great fatigue every so often.

I do love my new life, and although some people state I should go home and living on the road is not for me, I disagree with them completely. Sure, I’m looking forward to renting a place and slowing down a bit, I’ve been on the road for 5.5 months now, moving every other week into a new hotel. So yeah, a place to stay a little longer, like 6 months maybe and travel from there with a daypack instead of all my belongings sounds peaceful.

And renting a place will cut back on costs dramatically. As some of you know my trip is sponsored and my travel-buddy keeps close track of the budget. And we manage to stick to it, but renting two houses is much and much cheaper than booking two hotel-rooms, so it will be a relieve to take some pressure of the budget.

Vlogging: take 1126, hopefully I get it right this time……

But first Bantayan, and after that three weeks hotel in Iloilo, to start the house hunt.
O, by the way, did I mention I finally got to record my first vlog? Promising to make more once I start the house hunt? Gosh it is so hard to get it right. Saying what you want to say in just one minute and looking to the audience instead of anywhere else. Watching yourself on your laptop struggling through the script that only exist in my mind.

There were a few point of improvement, but I guess practice makes perfect and I just have to get more comfortable with it.

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