Advice for those moving to the Philippines, leaving the Netherlands or becoming a digital nomad.

Advice for those moving to the Philippines, leaving the Netherlands or becoming a digital nomad.

Leaving the Netherlands or any home country to start an expat or digital nomad life asks a lot of preparations. I know there are some people out there that just leave, but believe me: you do not want to end up with border issues because of breaking governmental rules and tax laws. So good preparations is a job half done. It took me almost a year before I was ready to step on that plane.

I’ve been through all the possible hassle you can imagine (or maybe you can’t….) and I have gained a lot of wisdom on the red tape, practical stuff and personal rollercoaster.

In the Leaving Holland Shop is a new product: Personal E-mail advice

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For example questions about:

  • expat advice on moving to the Philippines
  • leaving the Netherlands, or re-entering it after a period of absence
  • becoming a digital nomad or the expat life
  • starting a(n) (online) business

You pay in advance and I will not solve your problems or issues, but I can point you in the right direction. The rest is up to you. In the meanwhile I can give you advice from my experiences on those subjects.

And if I can’t help you for some reason, I will tell you honestly and refer you to someone else or another source that is more appropriate for your questions or needs.

Once I receive the payment I will contact you within 24 hours by replying to this email you can ask your question.

You buy 1 item
I will answer 1 question

Please note that all sales are final! You pay me for my time, and my time has a certain value, refunding takes time……..I guess you get the picture.

Email or chat advice is a great option but do keep in mind that writings may create the possibility of misinterpreting each other. Make sure your question is clearly formulated, I will do the same in my answer.

I’m a Dutch native speaker and our correspondence can be done in both English or Dutch.

personal advice
Buy a Persona Email Advice and pay with credit card, Paypal or by bank transfer (EU citizens only)

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