Living on Siquijor Island in the Philippines

Living on Siquijor Island in the Philippines

Some call it the Healing Paradise and I believe it is. This Island holds all: it is the Philippines in small. It has white beaches, waterfalls, dive sites, waterfalls, mountains, cliffs, and endless jungles trails.

It has been over a year ago since I arrived on Siquijor Island, and I’m probably here to stay. If all goes well. I love this island and it’s magic.

And it has a healing touch to all those arriving here in a buzz from the city or work. Siquijor tends to slow you down. It relaxes you. It takes away the rush and the pressure of city life. And if you are looking for a place to unwind yourself, you will love Siquijor.

Or it frustrates you! Because there is no fast lane. Restaurants close around 9 or 10 in the evening, the local disco is only open on friday and saturday night. There is no Jollibee, McDonalds, or Malls. It had only 1 big supermarket called Prince. It has a few developments like Home Depot and a new landing strip at the airport, and a new appliance store of GUD.

The island has it’s own pace. And life is relaxed here, slow even maybe. Little traffic on the roads and people listen to the rhythm of the land and the season. Lot’s of villages that share one pump, lots of households without electricity and cooking on open fires.

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