Loboc River Cruise

Loboc River Cruise

The queue and waiting time seemed endless, but finally we got around paying for our ticket and embarking. My Loboc river cruise was about to begin!!

Loboc River cruise


Loboc River Cruise Prices


River Cruise Loboc


Loboc River Cruise


Loboc River


River loboc


Facts and Figures

Entrance: 450 pesos per person
Duration: 1 hour

Waiting time: Long! +/- 1 hour
Food: reasonable (Filipino dishes)
Drinks: Ice tea, other drinks you need to pay for.
Seating: Fixed, appointed by front desk
entertainment: on board and during the cruise at a certain point you will dock for entertainment

Please note: every boat has it’s own restaurant/catering and seating plan, so your experience may differ from reviews you read on f.e. TripAdvisor or the pictures and facts and figures given here.

More videos of the Loboc River Cruise and my visit to Bohol island on my YouTube channel


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