Meet & Greet with JC from Holland, Ladyrider in the Philippines

Meet & Greet with JC from Holland, Ladyrider in the Philippines

Meet & Greet sessions with JC from Holland can be used for teambuilding, inspiration, sharing knowledge.

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I can answer your questions about several topics, such as

  • The Netherlands (Europe)
  • Digital Nomad lifestyle and working online
  • Blogging and WordPress blogs
  • Starting a business
  • Relationships & Dating
  • Personal development
  • The writing method I use to boost my creativity
  • Or just, meet me, JC from Holland, lady rider in the Philippines

Or help you with

  • Team motivation and training

We can work out the details when you get in touch with me.

Meet & Greet’s are  available for

  • schools
  • coworking locations
  • inspirational meet ups with your team

or just you, you and you, meeting me and talking about expat life in the Philippines, a nomadic life, working and traveling, etc.

Maybe you need coaching for your business, or your personal life, maybe you just want to get to know me or ask me some questions about social media. I’m available, for a first meeting,  if you buy me coffee or lunch/dinner 🙂

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Contact me at info @ if you want to schedule a meet & greet


For Businesses and schools

In my life I have been sitting on different sides of the table, as social worker, as policy maker, as coach, as business owner, as blogger and writer. I worked in profit and non profit organisations.
I did my share of political work.

I travelled the world ever since I was a teenager, and I have a lot of experience working with people.

I love to interact.

So are you looking for a fun morning in your classroom, or an inspirational meet & greet for your team, lets talk and set up a plan.

For Individuals

Are you living in the Philippines and dying to meet with a new face in town? Or on vacation wondering how it would be to live here?

Are you a (digital)nomad that needs to talk to some grown up,  because you need to sort out your stuff, run in issues lately or need some advice?

Do you want to start a blog, or work online and need directions?

Expanding your social media activities and need some pro advice?

Are you an expat or a local in need of a coach?

Lets connect and talk about the possibilities

Contact me through info @ or send me a message request through Facebook

I will get back to you within 48 hours.

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