Moon? Is our Longing Shallow?

Moon? Is our Longing Shallow?

Moon, you are in an endless drama of chasing your partner the sun
day after night after day,
your story does not have a happy ending?

And as for me, it makes me so sad, that something that was supposed to be intimate, turned out to be so shallow.
Tell me moon, are all fairy tales shallow?

Or better, don’t answer that!
Your answer will probably ruin my love for a good story
and with that my existence as a storyteller.

One does wonder though, that, if you are a storyteller
why it is so hard to find the words
to tell your own story?

Is that out of shame you think Moon?
Do people hide their embarrassing episodes
in a dark silent place
where there are no words?

We do write songs about it.
So why is it that we can sing about heartbreak and loss
But fairy tales always need a happy ending?

Moon, answer this for me:
Do heartbreak and loss produce songs and sadness poetry?
And is our longing for togetherness, intimacy and romance
only based on fairy tales?

And is that longing in itself than shallow?

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