Moving to the Philippines

Moving to the Philippines

Moving to the Philippines is a big step. And it involves a lot of things from processing paperwork to getting used to a new culture and for some even a new climate.

To help your transition to go as smooth as possible, the famous expat and YouTuber Reekay,

  • the man behind the channel Life Beyond the Sea,
  • with almost 20.000 subscribers of whom many long to follow in his footsteps,
  • who has been living in the Philippines for a few years now

has created a series of audio files called The Philippine Survival Guide

Reekay’s videos have inspired me and thousands of other people. They give a clear view of how life could be like for you. How much money you would need living here, and what are all the processes involving legal stuff and bankaccounts when living here? And last but not least: how can you adjust  to and blend in with your new homeland and culture.

I have good news for you!

Instead of scrolling endlessly through his videos, like I did, he decided to put them together in the ultimate Philippine Survival Guide, and made them available for you by subject. And all this information is now exclusively available in the Survival Guide and no longer available on YouTube, and so much more accessible than before.

With just a few clicks you will find information about:

  • immigration procedures
  • bankaccounts for foreigners
  • dating
  • culture
  • adjusting
  • cost of living
  • and lots and lots more information

After listening to these audio files you will be so well prepared when you come to the Philippines.

Since a lot of my readers keep asking me questions about moving to the Philippines also, and since I find Reekay’s information very valuable,  I have put together a page where you can find the subject and links to buy. 

For those that do not like to click around on websites Just click the advertisement below and it will guide you directly to the website of Reekay with all the information at your fingertips.

The fun part is: you can listen to them anywhere you like, while commuting, working out, walking, even while packing your stuff preparing your big move or next trip to the Philippines.

So here is the advertisement!

Going to the Philippines
Buy your Philippine Guide now!


If you have any questions on moving to the Philippines and living here, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


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