My experience in Well Beach Resort, Zamboanguita

My experience in Well Beach Resort, Zamboanguita

The access road is a nightmare, arriving there on a motorcycle I was in for a big surprise. One would think that a good access road is a golden threshold of your resort.

Hugh covered private parking, but no space for guests to park. I managed to park my motor on a small strip next to the new reception area.

The hotels is a quiet place, waterfront, I would not call it beach. Since there is only a small strip of black sand during low tide. At high tide the water is right up to the stairs that lead down to the sea.

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The resort is all about diving, which is nice if you are into diving. The first question asked is upon booking or checking in is: do you come for a dive and where would you like to dive?  A bot awkward if you are not into diving like me.

The pool is a dive instruction pool, suitable for recreational swimming also, but, well, it is all about diving.

It is a small resort, expanding to a nearby lot with makes it a bit weird, with 2 reception areas and all.
There was a lot of running about from the staff upon arrival, since nobody was occupying the reception area and than it is a long walk to the old reception area.
But they do make you a nice welcoming drink.

Rooms are spacious, pretty basic, very clean.
There is a fridge with drinks, nice balcony and relax chairs.
Beds are good.
Shower is big, but the shower head gives water everywhere except where you are standing. So I had to hand held the shower to get wet and rinse my hair.

Weird notice for females on the door to the balcony stating that is you stain the sheets during your period you will be charged extra. A bit female unfriendly. What is you have a heavy period or just an accident?

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In the surroundings there is not much to do, unless you want to visit Dumaguete or Apo Island. So it is a good resort for divers. Many good locations in the nearby surroundings.

Most roads end up in dirt roads filled with huge rocks. But there are some nice parts following one of the many little rivers upstream.

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The restaurant is good but food is a bit pricy the quality is average.

Staff is extremely friendly and once you are past all the diving questions and videos you can have a relaxed stay in Well Beach Dive Resort. If you come for a dive, you are at the right place.

Location: Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental, Philippines

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