My Portfolio

My Portfolio

Before I became a nomad I worked as project leader or assistant in several projects in the Netherlands.

  • Urban Planning, urban renovation in the city of Den Helder and Alkmaar.
  • In the social domain for several employers to empower people when it comes to government decisions and their involvement, their active contribution to living conditions, neighbourhood and public domain in which they spent their daily life.
  • I wrote several people responses with the residents on changes proposed by government in their neighbourhood. Reports that questioned their future urban planning and renovation of older neighbourhoods in several cities and advised on behalf of the people living there.
  • I was a city council clerk, and advisor to the city council
  • I owned a co-working-space and coffee corner

Throughout all these interim jobs and part-time projects I worked as a (business)coach and writer. To inspire others to follow their dream and improve their lives.

Now it is my time to follow my dream and retire, while I still do some coaching and social media work.

Beside the Website Leaving Holland and the YouTube Channel I own several Facebook pages and sometimes I write articles for others or create Facebook pages for people and businesses on the side.

Here is an overview of my portfolio since I hit the road.

Portfolio JC for

Online Magazine LilyRose

Ondernemer24 JC from Holland

Dutch Business Magazine Ondernemer24

Portfolio picture JC from Holland

Siquijor Directory

Siquijor Tourist Transport Portfolio JC

Siquijor Tourist Transport

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Facebook Pages for Roldan Yuson

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