Portfolio: the website ImageNomad

Portfolio: the website ImageNomad

Portfolio JC from Holland ImageNomad

For the website ImageNomad.com I was the top photographer, but I also worked on the front end of the website:

creating and writing:

  • categories, descriptions, category-photos
  • tags, descriptions
  • Terms of Service
  • FAQ
  • License page
  • Privacy Policy
  • products, attributes, product pictures,
  • watermark

Daily I upload products and promote the website in my social media.

ImageNomad is a stockphoto website that specializes in simplicity:

  • one license to fit all
  • exclusive license on demand
  • small¬†prices for good quality photography that fits every budget,
  • stock photos for bloggers, businesses and websites.
  • high resolution, print quality photos for walls, posters, brochures, reports etc.
  • bundles with smaller images specially for bloggers on a budget


Contact me if you need help with your WordPress website!

My photos have moved to another shop @ Creative Market

My email address is: info @ leavingholland.com

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