My reasons why I do not want to be a Digital Nomad (anymore)

My reasons why I do not want to be a Digital Nomad (anymore)

it was a dream: travelling the world and working online, becoming a digital nomad. It sounded hip, free, it had the ring of a vagabond to it, it sounded daring, unadjusted, lonely, recluse and exclusive and just what I needed because of all those words. It became an emotion and I wanted it to be my lifestyle.

But now, I removed the word: digital nomad” from my bio, I never use the hashtag anymore. And there are a few reasons why.
One of those reasons is because I’m not so nomadic at the moment, but the main reason is that I dislike the whole digital nomad scene so much, actually: ‘’dislike is an understatement: I resent it.

And here is why:

We have overdone it. Every hipster with a laptop is a digital nomad

Travelling or not, home address or not everyone working from a laptop calls himself a digital nomad nowadays. We have abused the word so much that it has lost its true meaning. In my Facebook timeline ven people going on a two weeks vacation taking there work and laptop with them call themselves a ‘digital nomad’. WTF! You are just an overworked, way to dedicated corporate slave!

And was the word once used by those soloist that loved solitude and could make it on our own, somehow our corporate spirits have found a way to unite all digital workers in hostels, hubs, hotspots and even whole cities like Chiang Mai, Berlin and Tarifa.

Instead of working in a 9-5 cubicle now you work in a hub, a digital nomad hotspot, with all the other ‘free wanderers’ that are not able to stand the solitude and not able to make it on their own out there.

The solo life you once dreamed, became a group dynamics and you have all proven to me that you are addicted to group dynamics.

Group dynamics is the new trend. And I resent it

Flock together all you want, work in cooperative partnerships, share, travel together, eat, sleep….do everything together and be happy about it, but to me you have proven that you can not make it on your own, that you have given the words ‘digital nomad’ (or ‘global nomad’) a whole new meaning and a whole new identity which does not suit me anymore.

And yes I know: Bedouins for example, nomads by birth, travel in groups, I know that, but they are not digital nomads. They are a tribe, and you are not, but somehow you make the whole digital nomad existence into a ‘tribe thing’.

I know laptop owners that bought a backpack, started to travel (which means they bought a ticket to Thailand) and even grew a beard to become part of the culture…..WTF….what culture?? Why change your identity if all you ever wanted to do is break free from all that bullshit.

So for me: no more digital nomad things. Yes I can give you tips, but they are probably outdated to the bone, since I low the corporate world and spirit nowadays digital nomads seem to embrace.
So only if you honour the old meaning of the word, contact me for questions about the digital nomad lifestyle, or if you want to become an (international) freelancer or blogger, but for me the topics is closed.

I do wonder: What are you breaking free from if the only thing you have changed are your surroundings?

Feel free to chop my head off in the comment section *grin*

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